ISIE 2021 Virtual needs you!

With the postponement of ISIE Leiden, The Board has committed to planning a virtual ISIE event for 2021. There are a number of challenges and opportunities with such a format. Unlike located conferences, with a team of organisers on-the-ground, this vitural event can, and will have to, be organised by a distributed team made up of members of ISIE and their networks.

Before we get to the stage of defining a program or program committee, we are first looking for people and ideas on viable conference themes, virtual conference structures and logistics.

We are initially calling for interested people and their suggestions but, in particular, valuing ideas and commitment from groups of people from different regions with any recent online conference experience, skills and enthusiasm. Academic seniority is not necessarily a criteria.

We know that virtual events across many time-zones can be problematic and we are looking to try and have organisation in timezone blocks through representation from major communities in Asia and Oceania, the Americas, Europe and Africa.

If this call out results in several different and well-conceived proposals for ISIE 2021 Virtual, we may proceed with a similar selection process for regular ISIE conferences.

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Tim Baynes - Secretary on the Board, International Society for Industrial Ecology