Our highlight this week: Izhar Hussain Shah

Sustainable Urban Systems

Izhar successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation in May, 2020 at University of Ulsan, South Korea and is actively reaching out to people for future collaborations/opportunities. With his "industrial ecology" journey so far, he has developed good analytical skills covering both theory and practice/tools in this arena with multiple publications to his credit. More specifically, driving urban sustainability transition through eco-industrial development is among his prime interests. On a macro scale, he's optimistic that resource loops are increasingly becoming more circular and we, industrial ecologists, are going to spearhead this transition in the future as well.

Izhar’s main research interest areas:

  • Urban-industrial symbiosis
  • Zero-waste urban transition
  • Waste valorization in cities
  • Eco-industrial development/policy

Izhar’s favorite cities and why:

Tokyo is my favorite city (others include Seoul and Amsterdam). Tokyo maintains a great balance between urban development and the ecological environment. From effective waste recycling to beautiful parks, this place is a good example of efficient urban metabolism.

Izhar’s collaboration interests:

If someone is looking for a researcher with demonstrable experience in publishing articles, writing project proposals, and IE assessment tools (such as decomposition analysis, material flow accounting, eco-efficiency, data envelopment approach, and macro-policy analysis), I'd be glad to hear from you. For students/researchers working in urban sustainability, let's join hands and utilize the best of our skills in a collaborative way (joint papers, proposals, and ideas) and materialize our energy towards IE scholarship.