"Data harvesters" needed to trial new urban metabolism data platform

Sustainable Urban Systems

Within the open source community of Metabolism of Cities we have been working over the last year on a new version of our data platform. We are excited to launch this new version in the coming months. In preparation for this launch, we are setting up data portals for a selected number of cities, in collaboration with local partners and volunteers.

Right now, we are seeking "Data harvesters": people who are keen to search for datasets, shapefiles, background information, policy documents, and other relevant information. Data harvesters are not required to have in-depth knowledge of the information they find -- they should merely be enthusiastic about collecting this information and bringing it into a single place. While searching for this kind of data, contributors will undoubtedly learn a lot about the resource profile of their chosen city, making this a useful entry exercise into more analytical work around urban metabolism data. It furthermore helps put the city on the map, and it makes data and information more accessible to the wider community.

If you are keen to help harvest data for your city, please get in touch! Furthermore, lecturers who wish to assign exercises and projects to their students are also invited to collaborate. For more information, please contact us at info@metabolismofcities.org.