Webinar: Innovation in LCA of Emerging Technologies: Forum I

Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment

This webinar is co-hosted by ISIE, ISSST, ACLCA, and JIE at June 16th 11-12:30am EDT. It will provide a summary of the papers in recent JIE special issue: “Life Cycle Assessment for Emerging Technologies”. This is the first of a series of interactive webinars that promote discussions about the need for a research network to support LCA of emerging technologies.


This webinar will be facilitated by Joule Bergerson (University of Calgary) and will provide a summary of the following papers from the special issue:

  • Life Cycle Assessment of Emerging Technologies: Evaluation Techniques at Different Stages of Market and Technical Maturity – presented by Dr. Sylvia Sleep
  • Life cycle assessment of emerging technologies: A review – presented by Dr. Sheikh Moni
  • When the background matters: Using scenarios from Integrated Assessment Models in Prospective LCA – presented by Dr. Angelica Mendoza

About the webinar series:

Innovations in LCA Online Forum Series: Life Cycle Assessment of Emerging Technologies: A Discussion of Papers Published in the Recent JIE Special Issue.

Despite the growing interest in applying LCA at early stages of technology development, there is a lack of systematic guidance for LCA practitioners to evaluate emerging technologies. Join us and take part in discussion with the authors of the special issue of Journal of Industrial Ecology, “Life Cycle Assessment for Emerging Technologies, who have delved into the techniques, scenarios, methods and other innovative approaches to address the application of LCA to early stages of technology development.


Free for ACLCA, ISIE, and ISSST members, but registration required. Please use the link https://bit.ly/3dAzqYU to register.