Call for Proposals to the Society at the Annual General Meeting

The ISIE has an Annual General Meeting (AGM) open to all members, which provides an opportunity for ISIE members to bring forward proposals for consideration by the entire Society. We are calling for proposals ahead of the AGM that is currently planned for the second week of July. Given the current global COVID 19 pandemic, this will be a virtual meeting and we are working through the technology and mechanisms to run the AGM.

Proposals are intended to help shape strategic priorities for ISIE over the coming year and we welcome proposals from any ISIE member, for consideration and voting at the AGM. Proposals must be relevant to the ISIE purpose to “promote and develop the field of industrial ecology and its applications” and must demonstrate clear benefit to the Society and its members. Proposals are not necessarily about projects, programs of research, or events with a budget. They can also be: initiatives; about the structure and governance of the Society; or simply suggestions. A complex proposal with a large budget may not be able to be supported by ISIE. For successful proposals, some small seed funding is available for development.

If you think you have a proposal please submit through this form by 21st June 2020. 

Tim Baynes
Secretary on the Board of Directors of ISIE