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This page provides a list of job openings and research opportunities of interest to the industrial ecology community. We are using the blogging feature of our website for this page. To post a new job opportunity, please send your notice to the ISIE office. We will delete these posts after six months or whenever you notify us that the opening has been filled.
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  • 21 Jul 2016 1:53 PM | Judy Crocker (Administrator)

    Title:  Environmental Program Manager

    Institution:  Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition

    Location:  Washington, DC/ Alexandria, VA USA

    Deadline:  until position is filled

    About the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC): The EICC is a nonprofit organization committed to helping our 100+ international members understand and improve the social and environmental challenges and opportunities in the global electronics supply chain. Our vision is to help our members build an electronics industry supply chain that consistently operates with social, environmental and economic responsibility. We are currently hiring an Environmental Program Manager. This position is currently available and interviews will take place until the position is filled.

    Position Summary: The Program Manager’s primary responsibility is managing critical EICC initiatives on environmental issues, including but not limited to industrial hygiene and hazardous substances, pollution prevention and resource reduction, waste, air emissions, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and responsible raw material sourcing. In addition to the environmental projects, the Program Manager will support other Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects, including around labor and human rights. Implementing these issues entails developing engagement strategies that build sustainable partnerships with the EICC among internationally recognized stakeholders and standards-setting organizations critical to the relevance, accountability, and impact of the EICC’s programs. Finally, the Program Manager is responsible for input on environmental and social standards and management systems to the standard-setting, drafting, and publication of EICC’s VAP operations manual.

    Primary Responsibilities:
    • Work with EICC members, service providers, suppliers, and other key stakeholders to develop program plans around key issues in the electronics supply chain.
    o Conduct regular work group calls among member company representatives to collect feedback and encourage performance improvement through EICC’s core programs and tools.
    o Track all charters, goals, KPIs and successfully implement EICC programs.

    • Provide an internal advocate voice for environmental standards and implementation tools in shaping EICC initiatives to the highest standards.
    o Collect information from internal and external reliable and credible sources regarding environmental performance standards and management systems in global supply chains to not only understand those conditions but also to test the effectiveness of EICC programs and initiatives, and ensure that EICC’s strategic objectives and activities are appropriate to the context and stay relevant to those realities;
    o Develop, draft text for, and obtain approval for revisions to the VAP Operations Manual, ensuring the highest standards in environmental performance assessment.

    • Promote and facilitate ongoing engagement between EICC members and credible relevant stakeholders.
    • Develop a strategy to enhance the participation and voice of EICC members in the EICC programs and activities at all levels.
    • Constructively critique and provide input into EICC initiatives to ensure that the highest environmental standards and/or their advocates are involved in the process.
    • Develop and provide guidance to the EICC including the EICC’s audit program, risk assessment tools, data collection tools, e-learning platform, and overall effectiveness of existing strategies.
    • Advocate externally for EICC’s approach and actions, and build a network of credible relevant stakeholders informed about the EICC’s work on environmental issues.
    • Oversee stakeholder dialogue and projects associated with environmental issues.
    • Provide support as needed for stakeholder dialogue and projects associated with social issues.
    • Assist with planning of the annual conference (and other global events) in terms of helping secure subject matter expert speakers, and potentially speak and moderate panels.
    • Other responsibilities as assigned.

    Required skills and experience:
    • Environmental expertise with knowledge of carbon reporting, water stewardship, recycling, chemical management and other environmental issues affecting the electronics industry.
    • Working knowledge of labor, human rights, and other social issues affecting the electronics industry.
    • Ability to manage work independently, with a high level of technical independence and judgement.
    • Excellent listening, communication, and interpersonal skills with sensitivity to cultural differences.
    • Strong presentation skills required.
    • Strong writing skills, with an emphasis on technical or legal drafting.
    • Ability to speak from first-hand knowledge of interpreting environmental performance standards, legislation, regulations, proposals thereof and experience with environmental advocacy organizations and regulatory bodies.
    • Understanding of supply chain environmental issues related to the electronics industry.
    • Knowledge of and experience with environmental performance standards and local/global environmental laws and regulations and/or other relevant laws and regulations.
    • Ability to multi-task and work on various projects.

    Desired education and experience:
    • Bachelor of Arts or Science degree
    • 5 years of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or Human Rights experience

    Additional information: This position is located at the EICC office in Alexandria, Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C., near the King Street Metro station. Standard office hours are 8:30 am to 5:30 pm and telecommuting is not available. Occasional evening calls may be required, as is travel. EICC offers a competitive benefits package including onsite parking or transit subsidy, a small onsite fitness facility and optional group workouts. This is a small but growing global organization serving global members and we are looking for a motivated self-starter.

    How to apply: Please send cover letter, resume, salary expectations and availability to Christine Briscoe, ( with “Environmental Program Manager” in the subject line. Please indicate where you learned about the position. Preliminary interviews will be phone and web based using Skype or GoToMeeting. References will be required for final candidates.

  • 21 Jul 2016 1:35 PM | Judy Crocker (Administrator)

    Title:   PhD position available in the field of Life Cycle Assessment and biomaterials.

     Institution:  IFP Energies Nouvelles

    Location:  Montpellier and Rueil-Malmaison Cedex - France

    Deadline: September 5, 2016


    Time dimension in the assessment of the environmental impacts of long life products


    - Arnaud HELIAS, Thesis supervisor: LCA / Process engineering (Elsa - Montpellier SupAgro -INRA)

    - Anthony BENOIST: LCA / Biomass & bioproducts / Process engineering (Elsa – CIRAD)

    - Pierre COLLET: LCA / Process engineering (IFP Energies Nouvelles)

     Industrial partner: Solvay (

     Contact: Pierre COLLET: - Tel : 00 33 4 37 70 32 14 / 00 33 1 47 52 81 14


    - 70% in the ELSA research group in Montpellier (

    - 30% at IFP Energies Nouvelles in Rueil-Malmaison (

     Key words: Life Cycle Assessment; Biomass; Bioproducts; End of Life; Global warming; Water impact


    We are looking for an enthusiastic, creative and communicative candidate with a degree in Process

    Engineering, Agronomy or Green Chemistry. The candidate should have theoretical and practical

    knowledge in LCA, and a strong interest in performing scientific research on sustainable biomaterials.

    All applicants must send for selection a cover letter with their motivations and a CV.

    Oral interview of selected candidates: 19th and 23rd of September 2016 in Montpellier

     Beginning of the PhD: November 2016

     Gross salary: 28 k€ / year



    Temporal and/or spatial variations of commodity flows and emissions are in most cases ignored in current LCA practice although they are sometimes regarded as an important source of uncertainty.  While the spatial dimension is becoming a key issue in LCA methodological developments, little attention has been given to temporal aspects of LCA, either in LCI or in LCIA. Nevertheless, dynamics have been identified as one of the main unresolved problems in LCA.  For long life products, a static modelling can be even more problematic:

    - The impacts corresponding to the end of life of processes are calculated on the same basis as those of the production phases, even though the associated emissions are delayed for decades;

    - When comparing climate change impact of a bioproduct with a product containing fossil carbon, temporary storage of biogenic carbon during the use phases cannot be properly assessed;

    - Natural environment can be modified strongly during the product life cycle, which is especially a key issue for water availability. This project aims at studying the relevance of taking into account dynamic aspects for materials and / or chemical intermediates, and at analyzing the means to consider such dynamics in order to better reflect the actual impacts on the environment of these materials. In the chemical sector, a further difficulty is that most LCAs are conducted at the factory gate (cradle to gate analysis). Within the context of chemical intermediates production, the high number of potential applications and end of life scenarios requires a particular consideration of how these products behave once they are placed on the market. Regarding these aspects, uses and end of life scenarios will be chosen in agreement with the industrial partner of the project (Solvay). Potential recycling and degradative uses will also be taken into account. Finally, prospective scenarios on the evolution of French electricity mix composition will be integrated in product systems modelling.  These scenarios will allow the creation of LCIs with a temporal distribution of the emissions and consumptions all along the life cycle of the products. Recent work done by the supervising team on how to integrate time at the LCI level could also potentially be used in this project. These timedistributed LCI can therefore be coupled with dynamic LCIA methods in order to have a full dynamic LCA.

    At the LCIA level, temporal dimension will be analyzed for two impacts: global warming and water impact. Concerning global warming, a special attention will be paid to the different existing approaches which assess the emissions and / or the sequestration of biogenic carbon. Recent publications make the inventory of these methodologies and underline the weakness to fully assess the contribution of biogenic carbon to climate change. This PhD work aims at developing new ways to integrate biogenic carbon flows, with a special attention on its assessment during the end of life of bioproducts (open loop recycling, close loop recycling, multiple recycling with or without degraded uses…).

    On the side of water impact, temporal dimension of water availability (as a resource) and population’s use will be taken into account, as well as the composition of the “water supply mix”. At last, different projections of future increase in temperatures will be integrated to the calculation of water availability and water uses, in order to identify the major issues of this resource in a global warming context.


  • 14 Jul 2016 11:24 AM | Judy Crocker (Administrator)

    Title:  PhD position

    Institution:  IFP Energies Nouvelles,

    Location:  Montpellier,  France

    Deadline:  September 5, 2016

    There is an open PhD position on the " Time dimension in Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) of long-lived products" at IFP Energies Nouvelles .    Additional information available here

  • 08 Jul 2016 11:31 AM | Judy Crocker (Administrator)

    Title:  Marie Curie ITN PhD positions (15)

    Institution:  Leiden University-CML

    Location:  Leiden, The Netherlands

    Deadline:  August 15, 2016

    An international consortium led by Leiden University-CML, collaborating with partners such as the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and major industries, recently won an EU Marie Curie Innovative Training Network (MC ITN) on the circular economy. The network has 15 PhD positions available, at 7 institutes in 5 EU countries, in the following fields:

    • 1.       Business modelling,
    • 2.       Supply Chain Management,
    • 3.       Consumption/behavioural sciences,
    • 4.       Industrial Design, and
    • 5.       Systems and policy analysis (policy simulation, LCA and environmental/economic input-output modelling)


    Young, promising scientists are invited to apply via Submission deadline is 15 August. A recruitment fair with pre-selected candidates will be held with the full consortium on 12 September 2016 in Leiden, Netherlands. Eligibility criteria for the MC ITN program are:

    • 1.       Less than 4 years of experience after the date of MSc
    • 2.       The PhD position must be in another country as the current country of residence (MC ITNs are a mobility scheme; in the 3 years before starting the PhD one can have lived at maximum 12 months in the country of where the PhD is pursued).
    • 3.       No constraints with regard to nationality.

    See for further information the short description below, and the longer description attached. This information is also available here and here


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