Peer Groups

Vision Statement

Create a strong network of students to get informed, speak up, and connect with peers!

Student members researching similar topics, drawing upon similar methods and tools can reach out to others directly, share resources and/or progress on research as well as discuss topics more casually through the ISIE student forum (a part of the ISIE website). It also encourages student members to organize and manage small group activities relevant to industrial ecology.

Current Sub-groups

For 2021, the Peer Groups have been re-organized into four sub-categories. Students are encouraged to join a group linked to their research or academic interests. Of course, students are more than welcome to join multiple groups. 

The four sub-groups are: 

  1. Food, Water and Agriculture
  2. Metals and Materials
  3. Emissions, Climate Change and Pollution

Group Meetings and Activities

We plan on holding quarterly meetings in each group that will initially be organized by the ISIE Student Chapter Board. We hope to eventually create self-sustainable sub-communities that can meet on own terms.

A kick-off meeting is being planned for March 2021 - stay tuned!


ISIE Student Membership is required to join the peer groups. Not a member? Become a member now!

Join peer groups

1. Click user icon circled in red in the header of the ISIE website, and login to your account.

2. Navigate to My Account section in the Members tab.

3. Click EDIT PROFILE on the middle-left of the page.


4. Scroll down to Section(s) column header highlighted in blue an check the Sub group box next to Students section that you wish to join.

5. When you are finished, scroll till bottom of the page and click SAVE. You will automatically receive posts and updates from each sub group that you join.

Posting in the Forum

Click on the link to download the guide with explanations on how to post and reply to messages in the forum

Forum rules

  1. Always be respectful.
  2. The forum exists to encourage discussion, questions, debate, and sharing of opinions.
    • Do post a new topic if your message invites others to share their opinion, post an answer, or otherwise engage in a discussion.
    • Do not post a new topic if you would like to merely share an announcement. We have a whole News section dedicated to announcements (as well as jobs, calls for papers, and blog posts). Members can post their announcements here.
  3. Please stick to topics that are related to industrial ecology.

More rules may be added as we see fit, but this should hopefully suffice. You can also contact us here if you have any other questions.


It provides students opportunities to give comments, opinions, suggestion, corrections, or ideas to the organizers and peer partners. Your frequent feedback would be highly appreciated and will help us to operate a high-performance peer group. For your convenience, you may have two options bellow.

  • Posting a message directly in the FEEDBACK sub-group.
  • Sending an email to

Thank you very much!


  • ONLY people who are signed up to peer groups forum will see the contents.
  • People who are part of this peer group will be notified by e-mail of any new messages posted in their forum.
  • Group chair will be listed next to each forum. Chairs can reach out to their peers base by posting a new message on the forum.
  • Messages CANNOT be EDITED and DELETED once it is posted to peer groups.