History of ISIE Student Chapter


The International Society of Industrial Ecology (ISIE) was founded in 2001 to foster knowledge and intellectual debate on Industrial Ecology. Many students found in the society a medium to interact, collaborate, and share new ideas. While the international platform created opportunities to network and collaborate, students craved opportunities for more involvement and engagement across academic programs and with their international peers in IE.  To nurture the sense of belonging among students and young professionals, a Student Association for Industrial Ecology was created in June 2002. Originally structured as a group of volunteers operating outside the official society, it has subsequently been officially institutionalised as the Student Chapter of ISIE (ISIE-SC) since 2014. The ISIE-SC mission is to support students in decisions about careers options and help them to build stronger networks. Moreover, it acts as a liaison between the professional researchers of Industrial Ecology and the students, facilitating dialogue, meeting opportunities, and collaborations. One of the main activities that have busied this group of volunteers has always been the organisation of the Symposium on Industrial Ecology for Young Professionals (SIEYP).


There is a growing awareness that reducing the environmental impacts of socio-techno-economic systems are the most critical challenges of the modern era.  So emboldened, many students and junior researchers seek out educational programs able to equip them with the tools and knowledge to address these problems.  In many ways, the field of Industrial Ecology (IE) has developed in response to these needs.  Engaging students, inviting them to be part of the IE community, is a key part of continued growth, development, and methodological innovation in the field.  The IE community has and will continue to play an important role in creating opportunities for engagement, as well as providing practical knowledge and skills to those just entering the field of IE.