About Us

Absolute decoupling of global resource use, land use and greenhouse gas emissions from economic growth and wellbeing is crucial to mitigate the climate crisis and to return global society into the safe operating space within Planetary Boundaries. Expectations are high that the circular economy (CE) is a new framework delivering such decoupling, by transforming unsustainable, linear take-make-dispose production-consumption systems into sustainable and circular ones. Narrower, slower, cascading and closed materials cycles are expected to minimize waste, save energy and reduce emissions, while delivering the products and services for high wellbeing. 

The vision of the ISIE section on the “Sustainable Circular Economy (SCE),” is to facilitate scientifically grounded discussions and action on the concept of the Circular Economy to meet these grand sustainability challenges of our time. In particular, we aim at contributing to the development of circular economy research that addresses all dimensions of sustainability in a systemic manner – environmental, economic and social. 

To fulfill this vision, the section draws on the systems-based approaches and methods of industrial ecology and beyond, to provide inter- and transdisciplinary assessments of the potentials, synergies and trade-offs for a sustainable circular economy. 

This section will:

  • Support the explicit conceptualization and analysis of the relationship between the concepts and practice of circular economy and sustainability.
  • Facilitate the development of the scientific grounds for a truly Sustainable Circular Economy, especially regarding technical and socio-economic systems vis a vis environmental limits and targets.
  • Advance approaches and methods of IE for covering CE topics.
  • Provide a platform for discussing IE and CE methodologies and CE across ISIE sections.
  • Offer a point of contact and collaboration for CE practitioners and researchers, and thus.
  • Explore synergies between researchers of IE and beyond to find comprehensive solutions for a Sustainable Circular Economy.
  • Serve as an expert platform for policy, practice and the media.