Ya-Yen Sun
University of Queensland
Brisbane, Australia
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Member since Aug 24, 2022
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I am a Senior Lecturer at the Business School, University of Queensland, Australia. I am passionate about making our tourism industry more sustainable while providing high-quality employment opportunities to the community.

Research Interests

I research addresses tourism sustainability, focusing on economic impacts and environmental footprinting. My work on tourism economic impacts is to use the input-output modelling to provide quantitative estimates on jobs, income and GDP with respect to changes in national tourism policy, market development or special events and disasters. In addition, I work on the environmental perspectives of travel behaviour, quantifying the tourism carbon footprint and tourism water footprint. I successfully constructed and analysed tourism impacts for individual regions (Taiwan, China, Japan, United States, Norway, Scotland and New Zealand) and provided the first detailed estimate of the global travel impact on greenhouse gas emissions.
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