Lucas Scally
Zero Waste Scotland
Stirling, United Kingdom
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Member since May 27, 2022
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I am an Ecological Economist, with a background in development economics and political science. I currently work for a circular economy organization called Zero Waste Scotland, where I am the technical lead on managing Scotland's material flow accounts, circularity gap reports (which combine MFA & MRIO), and various LCA & economic impact assessment projects. We work very closely with Scottish government on policy support, national accounting, and program management related to circular economy, waste, and carbon management.


I am a young professional who shifted career interest from development economics to ecological economics. In 2021 I received my MSC in Ecological Economics with distinction from the University of Edinburgh and have been working in the circular economy space since. My dissertation was. An application of multi-objective linear programming to extended input-output tables for the purpose of allocating a hypothetical post-COVID stimulus package to Indonesia that equal and sustainable growth.

Research Interests

Material flow accounting, input output analysis, macroeconomic development theory, meso-level economic/environment modelling, critical materials, water economics, non-monetary valuation techniques, international relations theory, lifecycle assessment, decision aid tools.
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