Sara Bottausci
Bologna, Italy
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Phd student at Department of Civil, Chemical, Industrial and Environmental Engineering (DICAM), University of Bologna (Italy) since November 2020


Sara Bottausci is a second-year doctoral student at the Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering (DICAM), University of Bologna, under the supervision of Professor Alessandra Bonoli.
She graduated in civil engineering in Perugia in 2015, and right after, she embarked on a gap year in New Zealand, where she matured her interest in environmental protection and nature-based technologies. Once back in Italy, she started her Master's Degree at the University of Bologna titled “Earth Resource and Engineering”, which finished in October 2018.
During the same year, she also passed the Italian National Engineering Exam, thanks to which she officially became an engineer.
During her stay at the Polytechnic School of Iasi (Romania), she won the first prize with the project: “Plastic Industry, a sustainable approach”. It was a competition within the environmental protection technologies department.
In August 2019, she was selected for attending an Advanced Water Management Summer School in Aarhus (Denmark) provided by Aarhus University.
Currently, during her PhD journey, she specializes in waste management systems, life cycle assessment analysis, and circular economy with a specific focus on Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC).
She is a member of the Italian Life Cycle Assessment Network (Rete Italiana LCA) and in 2020 she was selected for attending several summer schools as Life Cycle Assessment Modelling of Solid Waste - EASETECH course (Copenhagen, Denmark), Virtual PhD Summer School and Executive Training on Solid Waste Management (Thessaloniki, Greece), Circular Economy in low - and middle - income countries: focus on water & waste (Brescia, Italy) and Gender, Cities and Planning Processes: Engendering Research in climate, energy and mobility from the Ge Academy (Madrid, Spain).
She was also selected to participate in the first Una Europa PhD Slam hosted by Una University.
She is currently a tutor of a Master's course titled Resource and Recycling and is also part of the Scientific Committee Member of the Italian Engineering Order.
She is author of two scientific papers and three conference's proceeding.
Since February 2022, she has been a visiting PhD student at the engineering department of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru collaborating with the Peruvian LCA & Industrial Ecology Network (PELCAN), and supervised by Professor Ramzy Kahhat and Ian Vázquez-Rowe.
Outside Academia, she concluded three internships: two in Italy, in an international company and in a private structural engineering studio, and one, in a small-scale company in Denmark. She wrapped up all the learning gained during those experiences and brought it to her current research.

Research Interests

Urban solid waste management system, circular economy, life cycle assessment analysis and international cooperation. Special focus on Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC).
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