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University College London
London, United Kingdom
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Chris is halfway through is PhD in renewable energy and resource systems modelling with the Islands Laboratory at University College London.


Chris received a First class Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering with Renewable Energy at the University of Edinburgh in 2016, covering traditional engineering subjects with an additional focus on renewable energy. After graduating, he worked as a fire engineering consultant at Mott Macdonald, using both prescriptive guidance and models developed from engineering first principles to write bespoke fire strategies for a wide variety of public and private sector building types. Now his main focus is his PhD topic modelling low-carbon energy and resource scenarios for a net zero energy system with the Scottish islands as a case study.

So far in his PhD he has published with the journal Energies. This paper highlighted how Scottish island wind and mainland interconnections could have a slight but significant stabilising effect on the intermittency of renewable generation on the UK grid, but that the benefits of unlocking the islands marine energy would be much more significant.

Research Interests

- Developing bottom up energy and resource systems models representative of real-world systems to better understand the impacts of future low-carbon technologies
- Data driven modelling of how resources can be used more sustainably as part of these future net zero energy systems
- Using data science to help inform how future energy systems should be shaped by policy
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