Elham Mohammadi
University of Waterloo
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Waterloo, Canada
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MES (UWat) MBA (Sharif) Ph.D. student (UWat)
My academic background is in mathematics, business, and environmental sustainability. And my research interest lies in the nexus between sustainability management and social-ecological systems in vulnerable societies. I like to incorporate statistical analysis in sustainability studies.


- University of Waterloo, Canada
Doctor of Philosophy - Ph.D. in environmental studies - Sustainable Management
2020 – 2024
Thesis Topic: Decision-making in a complex world: food security for vulnerable coastal and island communities

- University of Waterloo, Canada
Master's degree in environmental studies - Sustainable Management
2018 – 2020
Thesis Topic: E-waste in the Caribbean: Is there a potential for a circular economy?

- Mohammadi, E., Singh, S. J., & Habib, K. (2021). Electronic waste in the Caribbean: An impending environmental disaster or an opportunity for a circular economy?. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 164, 105106.
- Mohammadi, E., Singh, S. J., & Habib, K. (2021). How big is circular economy potential on Caribbean islands considering e-waste?. Journal of Cleaner Production.

Research Interests

Research Interests:
Food Security
Material Flow Analysis
Circular Economy