Shijun Ma
Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Beijing, China
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Member since Jun 03, 2021
Status Active


I am a master student at the Research Center for Ecological Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences. I am interested in the application of artificial intelligence in industrial ecology. At present, there are three main research directions: prediction of municipal solid waste composition by artificial neural network, material stock of landfills in China by material flow
analysis, and environmental impact assessment of plastic packaging based on life cycle assessment. I’m pursuing a PhD in the related field in 2022.


2018.09-2021.06: Master Degree - Industrial Ecology GPA: 3.61 / 4
Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Main courses: Solid Waste Recycling and Management, GIS, Artificial Intelligence Techniques and Fuzzy Logic Concepts in Physical Geography, Geographical Information Science, Remote Sensing Intelligent Computing and Information Extraction, Spatial Analysis, R Language and Its Application in Ecology
2014.09-2018.06: Bachelor Degree - Urban forestry GPA: 4.16 / 5
School of forestry, Beijing forestry University
Main Courses: Forestry Ecology, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System for Forestry, Urban Ecology

1. Ma, S.; Zhou, C.*; Chi, C.; Liu, Y.; Yang, G., Estimating Physical Composition of Municipal Solid Waste in China by Applying Artificial Neural Network Method. Environmental Science & Technology 2020, 54, (15), 9609-9617.

2. Zhou C.*; Ma S.; Yu X.; Chen Z.; Liu J.; Yan L., A comparison study of bottom-up and top-down methods for analyzing the physical composition of municipal solid waste. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 2021. (the supervisor for the first author)

3. Ma, S.; Zhou, C.*; Yang, G.; Zhao, Z., Liu, Y., Characteristics and Environmental Impacts of Materials Stored in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills: A Case Study of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Huanjing Kexue, 2019, v.40(12),405-415. (In Chinese with English abstract)

4. Ma, S.; Peng, T.; Yu, Y.; Liu, Y.*; Li, C.; Wang, J.; Effect of Plant Hormones and Magnetic Field on Rooting of Soft Cuttings for Catalpa bungei. Journal of North-East Forestry University 2020, 48, (6), 21-24. (In Chinese with English abstract)

Research Interests

Urban Metabolism, Life cycle assessment, Solid Waste Management, Deep Learning, Data Innovation
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