Fausto Freire
University of Coimbra
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Coimbra, Portugal
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I am an Associate Professor at the Dep. of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Coimbra, Portugal, and coordinator of the Center for Industrial Ecology (http://www2.dem.uc.pt/CenterIndustrialEcology/), and a member of the coordination board of the Energy for Sustainability initiative (www.uc.pt/efs). I teach courses on Industrial Ecology, Energy and Environmental Management, and Circular Economy. My research focuses on developing and implementing Life-Cycle based approaches to enhance the sustainability of products and systems. I have studied and coordinated projects on several products, industrial and energy systems, including agro-industry, electricity, renewable energy, and waste management. I am co-editor-in-chief of the new Journal of Cleaner Environmental Systems, from Elsevier.

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05 Dec 2018 Post Doctoral research associate at Center for Industrial Ecology, University of Coimbra, Portugal
20 Apr 2018 Scientific meeting on circular economy and waste management. 26 June 2018. University of Coimbra. Portugal