Sherif Khalifa
Philadelphia, United States
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Ph.D. Candidate in Chemical Engineering at Drexel University. Expected graduation in September-December 2021. The dissertation thesis topic is focused on the environmental sustainability of renewable energy systems, particularly emerging and commercial solar photovoltaic technologies. Extensive experience in Life Cycle Assessment, Dynamic Material Flow Assessment, Process risk, Process scale-up, Circularity modeling, and exposure risk assessment.


Worked in highly collaborative environments with colleagues of different levels of expertise ranging from top-of-the-field experts to mentoring students and research personnel. Focus on goal-oriented analysis, leveraging and eliciting data, and managing complex datasets. Completed four research training assignments as a student in industrial R&D, academia, and a U.S.-based national lab.

Research Interests

Sustainability analysis using robust modeling tools including Life Cycle Assessment, Dynamic Material Flow Analysis, and risk assessment. Strong interests in renewable energy and its adjacent systems (Solar, Wind, Batteries, desalination, and industrial symbiosis). Broader interest in sustainability, circularity, and techno-economic analysis.