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I am currently pursuing a Master Degree Program in Energy, Environmental Resources, Policy and Technology. I am seeking a job and/or a Ph.D. Scholarship in a related field.I have over 12 year working experience. I started my career as a building construction assistant in 2008. Between October 2011 and February 2019, I worked as an administrative engineer for the Ministry of Water Resources and Energy of Cameroon. I have interest in mining, energy and environmental system management.


I am a holder of a Bachelor Degree in Geology and Environmental Science from the University of Buea (Cameroon, 2008) and a Master Degree in Earth Science:Economic and Environment Geology, from the University of Yaoundé of Yaounde1 (Cameroon, 2014). I enrolled in to the Master Program at Graduate School of Energy and Environment (Green School) in Spring 2019 and am awaiting graduation in December 2020. I am working on a research topic entitled ''Energy and Environmental System Analysis of the Nkolfoulou Landfill Biogas Recovery Project Using First-Order-Decay Model: Policy Solutions for Climate Change Mitigation and Sustainable Development in Cameroon''. My research objective is to quantify greenhouse gas emissions from the system with regards to climate change mitigation and propose policy solutions on sustainable waste-to-energy development such as biogas liquefaction, pipeline distribution as well as heat and electricity generation. I am also interested in landfill site management such as seismology, leachate treatment, GHG burning, reuse, detoxification and disposal, groundwater monitoring and protection as well as health, safety and security of population of population in industrial community. Furthermore, I am interested in mining industrial and geohazard-related disciplines.I have also undergone a fellowship training course and Power Engineering and Management (2013) and Electric Technology (2014) both from the Korea Midland Power Company Human Resource Development Institute (KOMIPO HRDI). In addition I have undergone a Training Course on Hydropower Plants from Power China Zongnam Engineering Corporation (2018). I have a strong interest in energy geopolitics such as pipeline geopolitics as well power pool management. I have one publication ''Renewable Energy Deployment Policy Instruments for Cameroon: Implications for Energy Security, Climate Change Mitigation and Sustainable Development''.

Research Interests

I am interested in the mining, energy and environmental nexus, particularly with regards to climate change response and sustainable development. I am also interested in the role of renewable energy in global energy transition towards low-carbon economic development. In addition, I am interested in financial policy mechanisms in climate change response such as feed-in-tariff, tax incentives,carbon price and trade as well as certification. Moreover, I am interested in environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) of infrastructure development projects such as mining, industry, road construction, urbanization, etc.
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