Mohammad Ali Rajaeifar
Newcastle University
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
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Member since Nov 22, 2019
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I am an experienced researcher in the area of sustainability assessment with more than 5 years of experience focused on sustainability analysis of different production systems.
My area of expertise embraces life cycle assessment and costing of a wide range of production/service systems including agricultural production, biofuels, waste management and most importantly transportation. Having experience in industrial ecology, I am an expert in data collection and analysis, compiling data inventories and assessing the environmental impacts of complicated industrial systems.
I've also had the experience of leading a research group (life cycle assessment group) in biofuel research team (BR team) coordinating different research tasks for diverse team members as well as managing international collaborations. In addition to that, I have always tried to go beyond research. Therefore, I improved other aspects of my academic life as well, some of which are teaching, reviewing papers for high quality journals, acting as an academic board member of JCLP, advisory board member of Heliyon Environment, co-supervising MSc students, advisory of PhD and Master students, etc.


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Research Interests

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Life cycle costing (LCC); Biofuels and Biorefineries; Waste management; Sustainability of EVs; Low carbon transport; Climate change mitigation; Sustainable agriculture; Industrial ecology