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Fanxin Meng is a Postdoctoral Associate in Yale School of Forestry and Environment Studies. She is cooperating with Prof. Karen Seto on simulating how Green and Blue Infrastructure (GBI) affects Food-Water-Energy Nexus (FWEN) in cities. She is committed to construct a methodology for assessing FWEN changes in cities.


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Meng completed her PhD in Beijing Normal University in 2017, supervised by Prof. Zhifeng Yang. She is interested in delineating physical and virtual flows underlying food/land, energy, and water consumption in cities by linking the ecological and socio-economic system using material flow analysis (MFA), life cycle analysis (LCA), input-output analysis (IOA), and other industrial ecology methods. Meng has also studied urban mitigation of climate change. She is a member of second committee for Climate Change Branch in Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences. She has conducted urban carbon footprint accounting using a hybrid method, evaluated energy saving potential in iron and steel industry, cement industry, and assessed the energy efficiency of BRT system and household consumption in cities. She has conducted urban carbon flows and structure analysis in the multi-scale economy from production and consumption perspective. Meng has been committed to build a carbon emissions database of cities in China. Prior to coming to Yale, Meng has been leading two research projects separately supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and China Postdoctoral Science Foundation Project. In 2017, Meng has led a five-member international student team “REMADE IN CHINA” and won the “Wege Prize” nomination from the Wege Foundation (only 5 teams in the world were selected) for their developed Urban Circular Economy Calculator (UCEC) based on food-energy-water nexus. Until now, Meng has published more than 30 peer-review articles (19 SCI, 2 ESCI, 2 EI, 6 CSCD), 10 SCI as the first/corresponding author, with the citations of 406 in google scholar.


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