Izhar Hussain Shah
Imperial College London
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London, United Kingdom
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Environmental sustainability analyst with a demonstrated track record in sustainability assessments and ecological policy innovation through project management and scientific research. Focussed on sustainable technological deployment for climate change mitigation and circular economy through life-cycle approaches.


Izhar holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering with multidisciplinary research focused on resources sustainability, low-carbon industries, economy-environment decoupling, and strategic planning. Izhar is experienced in sustainability evaluations through life cycle impact analysis, socio-economic policy assessment, economy-wide material flow accounting, and system efficiency optimization. Izhar remains dedicated to synthesizing solutions for greenhouse gas reduction and climate change mitigation.

Research Interests

Izhar's research mainly revolves around resources sustainability based on life cycle approaches. His work remains focused on promoting a circular economy within the context of sustainable development.

Izhar is also experienced in conducting the life cycle assessment of emerging technologies and assessing their scope for environmental mitigation. His research considers all stages of a product, from mining to end-of-life, resulting in a comprehensive cradle to grave environmental impact assessment.

Izhar also performs Material Flow Accounting (MFA) which is a systematic analytical approach encompassing material consumption, socio-economic progress, and environmental quality. Izhar has used this approach in assessing and improving resource efficiency and productivity at national and regional scales enabling decision-making on resource-efficient and circular economy policies.

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