Michael Ferrari
Atlas Research Innovations
Easton, PA, United States
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Member since Mar 27, 2019
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Dr. Michael Ferrari established Atlas Research Innovations in 2010, where he has been providing clients with basic and applied bespoke research services towards a variety of scientific, technical and economic domains. Most of this work falls at the food-water-energy-infrastructure nexus, and encompasses Data Science & Analytics, Spatial Informatics, AI/Machine Learning, Financial & Physical Risk, GeoEconomics, Sensor Networks, Environmental System Science and Engineering, Smart City & Earth Observation Technologies, and Information Theory.

Michael has spent nearly two decades as a scientist, engineer and economist in the following industrial sectors: energy and agriculture; financial services, chemicals, water & natural resources, commodities & supply chain, environmental management and information technology.


-Post-Doc, Rutgers/Columbia/NASA
-PhD, Rutgers
-MS, Rutgers
-BS, West Chester

Research Interests

-Information Physics & the Digital Economy
-Industrial Ecology/Circular Economy
-Anthropogenic & Natural Biogeochemical Cycles
-Data Science, Machine Learning & Environmental/Industrial Informatics
-Financial Geography, Macroeconomic Analysis & Risk
-Global Supply Chain Analytics
-Industrial Metabolism & Physical Resource Theory
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