Shelly Bogra
Independent Researcher
Kjeller, Lillestrøm, Norway, Norway
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Member since Mar 15, 2019
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Last working as a Senior Scientist in NILU, Kjeller, Norway. Actively looking for a job in the use of AI in EEIO and non-IO water, and carbon footprints. Also interested in life cycle impact assessments of implementing RE strategies in a regional, product-specific context, especially for residuals of bioproducts. Knowledgeable about MFA, and LCA methodologies.


I am a sustainability researcher with experience in the development and application of environmentally extended input-output models, and impact assessments, During my PhD I developed the first input-output-based water-withdrawal model of India, capturing the embodied water within India's supply chains. The model quantified blue and green water contribution to various sectors, thereby serving as a base for life cycle assessment of the flows channelizing the economic system. The model was further explored for assessing the vulnerabilities to sectors, and to the whole economy accounting in view of growing regional water scarcity across India. As a postdoc scholar at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, I have estimated the carbon-emission intensity of consumption of various expenditure categories, segregated between urban and rural dimensions for all the states of India. As a dynamic modeler, I am exploring the water nexus of agricultural systems from the perspective of resource usage and circular economy.

Research Interests

Development and application of environmentally extended input-output and system dynamics models, assessment of water-nexuses, impacts (footprints) -social and human from both production and consumption perspectives. I am also interested in the use of data science methods for behavioral assessments among others.
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