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LCA Certified Profesisonal (LCACP) since 2010 and a Certified LCA Reviewer (CLAR) since 2016; Biomimicry Specialist


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Rebe Feraldi, owner of TranSustainable Enterprises, LLC, is a cross-disciplinary scientist with experience using industrial ecology tools to perform sustainability analyses. Ms. Feraldi has a B.S. in Environmental Chemistry & Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, M.E.S.M. from the Donald Bren School of Environmental Science & Management at the University of California-Santa Barabara, and an M.S. in Biomimicry from Arizona State University & the Biomimicry 3.8 Institute. Rebe is a LCA Certified Profesisonal (LCACP) since 2010 and a Certified LCA Reviewer (CLAR) since 2016.

“There is always something happening on the frontiers of science, whether we are refining existing knowledge or making new discoveries. I am passionate about working across silos to learn how systems work, bring the industrial ecology perspective to the table, and aid in communicating this work to other researchers, product designers, businesses and their supply chain stakeholders, policy-makers, and the public.”

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Industrial Ecology; Industrial Symbiosis; Life Cycle Assessment; Biomimicry

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