Carbon Reduction Research Scientist

The Role
Amazon is seeking a research scientist to help us identify, evaluate, and guide research efforts directed towards these external carbon reduction opportunities. The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of carbon cycles and be able to evaluate projects and initiatives from a first-principles perspective. They will have expertise in one or more types of carbon offset projects (reforestation/afforestation, avoided deforestation, direct air capture, high efficiency cook stoves, agricultural soil sequestration, industrial gases, etc.) but more importantly will understand the broad field of carbon offset opportunities. They will also have subject matter expertise in carbon offset markets and be able to guide research efforts towards improving and scaling such markets.

The successful candidate will be part of the team implementing The Climate Pledge at Amazon. They will need to work with others to create a system to evaluate carbon offset projects and make recommendations to senior leadership. This will require strong writing skills and an ability to translate technical material for a general audience.

Key Responsibilities
· Be Amazon’s subject matter expert on carbon offsets
· Evaluate carbon reduction opportunities using a scientifically rigorous first-principles approach
· Evaluate and oversee carbon reduction research proposals from outside Amazon
· Conduct carbon reduction, avoidance, and/or sequestration research
· Translate findings into reports and presentations that can be shared internally and externally
· Respond to time-critical questions from multiple business teams and communicate professionally with senior business leaders


· Master’s degree in environmental science or engineering, chemistry or chemical engineering, or related field
· 5+ years evaluating, studying, or implementing carbon reduction, avoidance, or sequestration projects
· 1+ years of experience evaluating carbon offset projects, working in a corporate carbon offset program, designing offset standards, or similar
· Strong written and verbal communication skills
· Subject matter expert in at least one type of carbon offset project (for example, but not limited to: reforestation/afforestation, avoided deforestation, direct air capture, high efficiency cook stoves, agricultural soil sequestration, industrial gases, etc.) as demonstrated by work experience or publications.


· PhD in a related field
· Research and publications related to carbon offsets, carbon reduction, or carbon sequestration
· Analytic skills including statistics (regression, econometrics) and programming (Python, R, Matlab, etc.)
· Demonstrated expertise in multiple types of carbon offset projects

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