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The main responsibility is to conduct research on the intersection of circular economy business models, and financial institutions and financial infrastructure. Circular economy requires a new way of doing business, where resource efficiency and productivity are the basis for capturing and delivering value. This requires changing how resources flow through the economy: instead of a linear ‘take-make-use-waste’ cradle-to-grave flow, circular systems retain resources in the economy for longer through reuse, remake, recycling, cascading, etc. However, how resources flow through the economy is strongly influenced by financial institutions and financial infrastructure. For this reason, this interdisciplinary research will look into how financial institutions and financial infrastructure can be reimagined to accelerate the uptake of circular economy practices, whilst safe-guarding the creation of public goods and public value by businesses. In addition, teaching in related areas will be part of the research associate’s responsibility (4 hours per semester).

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Application deadline: Jan 10, 2020
  • Universität Hamburg
  • Germany
  • Academic Positions
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