Newcastle University: ONE Planet PhD study at CLIPI- Climate planning and implementations of infrastructures

Organization: Newcastle University

Department: CLIPI- Climate planning and implementations of infrastructures

Location: Newcastle, United Kingdom

Type: Other Positions

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Full tuition fees and living costs for UK nationals (and EU but with some restrictions) for 36-42 months.

CLIPI aims to determine whether local climate plans represent an effective means to mitigate GHG emissions and adapt cities to climate change, in particular considering the (at times) limited direct action space, sectors and scope that is under the control of Local Authorities (direct influence, or across the different sectors) to impose the implementation of their plans. The student will acquire innovative natural and social science tools, such as GHG accounting methodologies and tools, as well as the network-based interview and analysis methods, to provide a quantitative and qualitative measure of the perceived risk and value of climate change adaptation and mitigation infrastructures.

Application deadline is end of January, if you are interested do get in touch- 

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