Professor, Research Fellows, and Post Doctoral Researchers

Organization: Newcastle University and Northumbria University

Department: Hub for Biotechnology in the Built Environment

Type: PhD and Postdoc Positions

The Hub for Biotechnology in the Built Environment (HBBE) is an £8M initiative between Newcastle and Northumbria Universities funded by Research England’s Expanding Excellence in England (E3) scheme. HBBE will develop biotechnologies to create a new generation of buildings which are responsive to their environment, grown using engineered living materials, metabolize their own waste, and modulate their microbiome to benefit human health. This World-first research hub to create Living Buildings will include The OME, an experimental biological house, which will be built on Newcastle University’s campus. A living lab, the OME will be used as an experimental facility to test and showcase the hub’s ground-breaking research. HBBE will also comprise a Micro Bio-Design Lab, based at Northumbria University, for microbial molecular biology and multi-omics analyses, and a Macro Bio-Design Lab at Newcastle University, which will allow the team to develop and scale-up new technologies from molecules to buildings.

Although I am not a decision-maker in this I am more than happy to support ISIE members and should you be interested do feel free to contact me and I will help where I can. We are currently offering positions at both Newcastle University and Northumbria University, at all levels including a Professor, 12 Research Fellows, and 5 Post Doctoral Researchers.

NOTE- this is applicable to all sections- so Please make this available to all.

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