Postdoctoral Fellow in Carbon Footprints of European Cities

Organization: NTNU

Department: Department of Energy and Process Engineering

Location: Trondheim

Type: PhD and Postdoc Positions

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The Industrial Ecology Program (IndEcol) is seeking a postdoctoral researcher with competence in quantitative sustainability modelling to work on modelling carbon footprint reduction opportunities at the city and state level.

The new BYMARKA project (, which this position is part of, aims to deliver high-detail models of carbon footprint assessments for cities across Europe, and, aspirationally, worldwide, as well as offer model-based guidance and tools that cities can use to prioritize steps they can take to reduce the footprint their residents generate. The project aims to map out the distribution of regional carbon footprints, globally, in high detail. With the results of this research it will be possible to zoom in on the geodemographic hotspots driving a region’s carbon footprint.

The primary aim of this research project is to build a spatially explicit model of consumption, with city and state boundaries, and link it to existing global supply chain models.

The central question of the research project is: Are there patterns in the spatial and socioeconomic distribution of carbon footprints that can help in setting smart carbon footprint mitigation policies at the regional scale?

The project is conducted in collaboration with the Potsdam Institute for Climate, RIHN in Kyoto, and UNSW in Sydney. There should be an opportunity to publish in high-impact and field specific journals (and scientific publication throughout the post-doc is expected), as well as to collaborate with leading experts in the field. The candidate will take responsibility for leading papers. The postdoc position will have opportunities to interact and ideally collaborate with other input-output based projects led by Professor Richard Wood and Professor Edgar Hertwich in IndEcol.

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