Postdoctoral Fellow in Modelling Global Sustainable Development Pathways


The Industrial Ecology Program (IndEcol), is seeking a postdoctoral researcher with competence in quantitative sustainability modelling to work on modelling sustainable development pathways related to the sustainable development goals 12 and 13 "responsible production and consumption" and "climate action".

The Industrial Ecology Program (IndEcol) is an interdisciplinary research and teaching program managing its own International MSc program and PhD program. IndEcol is well recognized for its work in the areas of life-cycle assessment, material flow analysis, and the use of input-output analysis for environmental assessments. The Industrial Ecology Program is well integrated in the international research community through the participation in EU projects and the participation in professional societies such as the International Society for Industrial Ecology and International Input-Output Association.

Key faculty members currently serve as lead authors of the IPCC. There is a long tradition in IndEcol of working on fundamental model development, in addition to having industrial and policy applications through case studies and tool development. The current position offered is seeking to further advance this model development and integration.

The project work for the position relates to the JPI-Axis project SHAPE. SHAPE is an inter-disciplinary project looking at furthering development of sustainable development scenarios. The project has a strong industrial ecology component, as well as social science (participatory modelling, focus on governance), and is in collaboration with key Integrated Assessment Modelling (IAM) partners. IndEcol will look at further developing scenarios in line with SDG12 “responsible production and consumption”. The project is a collaborative project lead by Potsdam Institute for Climate.

The Head of Department is Professor Terese Løvås. The position`s day-to-day project management and supervision is by Professor Richard Wood.

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  • Application deadline: Aug 08, 2019
  • NTNU
  • Department of Energy and Process Engineering
  • Trondheim
  • PhD and Postdoc Positions
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