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The ISIE is driven by its members. Our entire board consists of volunteers and our sections, events, and projects are primarily driven by our members. Starting in 2018 we have transitioned to a legal structure allows us to function as an independent organization and to provide our members with a stronger voice and greater responsibilities.

One of these responsibilities is for the membership to select a Finance Committee that is tasked with a certain degree of financial oversight of our Society.

The Society calls for volunteers from its membership to join the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee has the following responsibilities:

  • The committee should perform an annual review of the financial affairs of the society.
  • The committee must review the following documents (to be provided by the ISIE):
    • Balance sheet
    • Income statement
    • The accompanying report to these documents
  • At the following AGM the committee reports back on their findings.

Any ISIE member who is not a board member is invited to join the Finance Committee. A background in finance or treasury work will assist in this task. Volunteers can make themselves available through this form.

Please note that the board will facilitate the recruitment of volunteers for this committee, but the final decision to assign this committee rests with the Annual General Meeting, which will take place in July in Beijing.

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