Life Cycle Assessment Specialist ~ Research Scientist 3

Job Summary

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The work will include adapting existing open-source models and performing life cycle assessments (LCA), equilibrium, and simulation modeling to develop an integrated framework capable of quantifying and visualizing environmental impacts of different material and product scenarios. The position will also include synthesizing quantitative results to provide insights about different land management scenarios.

Life-cycle assessment (LCA) is a discipline and methodology for quantifying and evaluating the environmental and climate impacts of a product, material, process, or activity. An LCA can provide valuable, comprehensive data for assessing a range of impacts across the full life cycle of a product system, from materials acquisition to manufacturing, use, and final disposition. LCA studies identify key materials and processes within products' life cycles that are likely to pose the greatest threats, promoting responsible design, redesign, and management of items and processes to reduce overall environmental impacts and reduce use and release of more toxic materials. These assessments enable organizations to make changes and improvements for greater sustainability.

The primary purpose of this position is to lead LCA research and analysis for a broad range of materials and products and direct research projects aimed at reducing resource needs and environmental harms of high-impact items. In conducting these studies and related environmental research and analysis, this position is responsible for developing the research procedures and techniques associated with determining the life cycle impacts of a product or material and making management recommendations. The secondary purpose is to serve as the Resource Management and Assistance Division’s (RMAD) technical expert on LCA. In this capacity, the position is responsible for identifying and recommending actions to address areas within the LCA that contribute significant environmental impacts, aligning with data-driven interventions and strategies.

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  • Application deadline: May 08, 2023
  • Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • Duluth, Brainerd, St. Paul, Rochester, Detroit Lakes, Marshall or Mankato
  • Academic Positions
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