ISIE’s Administrative and Outreach Manager

ISIE’s Administrative and Outreach Manager          

Job title and function

The International Society for Industrial Ecology (ISIE) seeks an individual to provide Administrative and Outreach Manager services to the ISIE. The key function is to provide support to the ISIE Secretariat in administrative tasks, and manage outreach activities through various communication means (web, email, social media) to enhance visibility of ISIE activities, in liaison with the sections. For the most part, the candidate will be expected to work independently, but will be responsible to the ISIE Executive Team (Exec), and functionally report to the Executive Director and Secretary/Vice Secretary.

Terms of Reference


  • Responding to society emails;
  • Assisting members with membership and other issues;
  • Scheduling exec, board, and annual meetings;
  • Collecting items, and preparing draft agenda for exec, ISIE board and annual meetings for review by Exec.
  • Drafting minutes of all above mentioned meetings, and follow-up on action items;
  • Develop and implement a communications strategy for the ISIE;
  • Creating announcements, surveys, voting, and events for ISIE, communicating results to relevant people;
  • Identify groups and individuals interested in ISIE activities for outreach;
  • Create weekly/monthly social media content and disseminate through website, and other feed accounts to relevant groups within and outside ISIE;
  • Maintaining and updating ISIE document repository as needed;
  • Liaison with Dutch Chamber of Commerce as needed;


Location, start date, and contract hours

The above tasks are expected to take about 15-20 hours / week, and be conducted virtually. This work is to be done on an independent contractor basis. The anticipated/requested start date is 1 September, 2022. A probationary contract will be for 3 months (on monthly payments), and extended to one year after performance review. The contract is expected to be in the range of EUR 1400 to EUR 1750 per month. The contract will include an additional budget of EUR 750 over the year to encourage the incumbent to attend an in-person ISIE event as an opportunity to advance the candidate’s career growth and interest, while also supporting the event in its social media coverage.


Qualifications / Experience

  • Moderate experience and/or visible interest in administrative, organizational tasks;
  • Proficient in English, and some knowledge of Dutch is an added asset;
  • Ability to work independently, take initiative, put systems in place, and solve problems;
  • Interest and engagement with social media, creativity in producing content and ability to manage / communicate through various social media platforms;
  • Interest in sustainability issues, and knowledge of industrial ecology, where the candidate is seeking a career in the area of sustainability will be viewed favorably;


Work environment and career prospects


The position offers the candidate the opportunity to work independently, flexibly, and exhibit creativity and be visible to an exciting science and policy network of over 700 people worldwide who are interested in seeking solutions to our current global social and environmental challenges. Through and outside the work, the successful candidate will have opportunities for learning and career growth in this field through networking, attending events, and voluntary engagement. The Administrative and Outreach Manager will have an additional budget to attend an in-person ISIE event/conference over the year for personal and career development.




To be considered for this position, please submit a resume or CV and a letter of interest that includes a brief description of how you would develop a communications strategy for the ISIE. Please submit these items via email by 1 September, 2022 to Ned Gordon, Executive Director of the ISIE at






  • Application deadline: Sep 01, 2022
  • International Society for Industrial Ecology
  • Virtual/Remote
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