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The Department of Engineering of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Perú (PUCP), as part of the program to attract young researchers, invites you to apply for:

One (1) full-time tenure track position at the Engineering Department at PUCP

Deadline to send documents: August 15th 2022

The successful candidate will be expected to:

  • Teach undergraduate and graduate courses related to Environmental Engineering (about three courses per year).
  • Participate in research projects and publish research articles in high-impact journals (preferably Q1 and Q2).
  • Advise undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Participate in research teams and/or groups.
  • Present research work at international conferences.

The contract will start on March 1, 2023 for a three-year term. After a positive evaluation from the committee, a permanent position would be appointed.

PUCP promotes gender equality and opportunities in the academic world. Anyone who meets the requirements and the indicated profile is encouraged to apply for the position.

If you have got any further questions or comments, please send us an email to:, or


Recruitment Committee

Department of Engineering

Application Instructions

Please review rules, benefits and application schedule:

I.               Detailed schedule of the activities to be carried out for the selection of applicants and hiring


Call begins

May 30th 2022

Deadline for applicants to send documents

August 15th 2022

First stage results

September 15th 2022

Interviews with selected applicants

September 8-30th 2022

Second stage results

October 10th 2022

Psychological evaluation

October 17-28th 2022

Appointment notification

October 31st 2022

Starting date

March 2023



II.              Applicant profile

The Department seeks motivated young professionals in Environmental and Sustainable Engineering with extensive research experience. The successful candidate should align with the vision and mission of our Institution and Department, and aim to have a high level research career at PUCP.

The successful candidate will have a full-time dedication in the Department of Engineering, with a 40 hour per week contract. A total of 5 hours per week and semester will be dedicated to teaching undergraduate and graduate courses, and at least 35% of their time to research.

III.            Requirements

  1. A PhD in Environmental and Sustainable Engineering or a PhD diploma in another field with a background in Environmental Engineering research.
  2. The candidate should specialize in one of the following research areas: sustainable systems, industrial ecology, earth systems engineering and management, renewable energies, climate change, pollution of aquatic and terrestrial environments, anthropogenic impacts on the atmosphere, circular economy, environmental risk assessment.
  3. The candidate should preferably be 35 years old or younger.
  4. Proficiency in English and Spanish. Fluency in other languages, such as Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, German or French, will be considered an asset.
  5. Teaching experience (at least at the teaching assistant level).
  6. At least 2 publications indexed in Scopus or Web of Science journals.
  7. Experience in the presentation of research findings at international conferences.

IV.           Required documents for application

  1. Resume, in English or Spanish.
  2. Scanned PhD diploma on both sides. Additional documents may be required if the diploma was obtained abroad.


  1. A presentation letter with the following details:
    1. Academic profile and history.
    2. Current position and affiliation.
    3. Main academic and professional achievements.
    4. Motivation to apply to the position.
    5. Expectations if hired by PUCP.
    6. List of attached documents.


  1. Research statement
    1. Main lines of research.
    2. Main research skills.
    3. Research highlights in the past 5 years.
    4. Most representative publications.
    5. International conferences attended.
    6. Main research lines and projects that would be developed at PUCP.


  1. Teaching statement
    1. Personal perception on teaching in Civil and Environmental Engineering.
    2. Experience in higher education teaching.
    3. Teaching preferences (e.g. courses to be taught).
    4. Personal approach to advising undergraduate and graduate students.


  1. Two letters of recommendation written by researchers of University professors.

Send by email the attached file no later than the date of August 15, 2022 indicating in the email's subject line “APPLY FOR TENURE TRACK IAS_LASTNAME” to the following email addresses:

All documents should be merged in a single PDF file. For any inquiries about the application process, feel free to contact us at:

V.             Commitments and responsibilities to comply with in the position

The commitments acquired by the candidate are for a contract period of 3 years.

  1. Teaching commitments
  • Graduate and/or undergraduate teaching each semester (5 hours per week). Three hours should be devoted to undergraduate courses.
  • Create a new graduate or undergraduate course (usually an elective) linked to the research lines of the applicant.
  • Advice on average 4 graduate or undergraduate thesis per year and attain the dissertation of at least 3 students by the end of the three-year period.
  • Obtain good ratings in the Teacher Opinion Survey filled every semester by the students. The applicant should aim at achieving an 85/100 average by the end of the tenure track period.
  1. Commitments to research
  • At least six academic publications indexed in Scopus or Web of Science journals in the three-year period. These should be published in Q1 or Q2 journals.
  • Lead the submission of at least one project with external funding per year.
  • At least one paper presentation at an international peer-reviewed conference per year of the work conducted at PUCP.
  • Participate and promote workshops and events linked with the main research lines.
  • Attract on average at least 25000 USD in funding from external projects in which you participate as leading researcher.
  1. Affiliation

PUCP affiliation is mandatory for all the publications, presentations, workshops and events that are developed in the tenure track period. Those products that do not fulfil this requirement will not be evaluated at the end of the period.

  1. Exclusiveness

During the assignment period, exclusiveness in teaching and research activities is required. The applicant selected will be able to teach and do research in other institutions only as a visiting professor or researcher.

  1. Commitment with the Department

The selected applicant is expected to participate in academic and administrative tasks at the Department of Engineering, as well as attending meetings when required.

  1. Employee and institutional benefits


  • An annual bonus is granted based on the number of indexed papers published.
  • An annual bonus is granted on the basis of teaching performance.
  • Economic support is provided to attend national and international conferences, provided that the successful applicant has a poster or oral presentation accepted.


VII.          List of the media in which the open call for professor will be published


The open call for professor will be published on the University's website, on the faculty portal and on the website of the Department of Engineering. In addition, the open call for professor will be disseminated through the internal channels of the PUCP: newsletters, mass emails, etc. Likewise, the call will be published in national and international media, whose selection and management will be carried out by the Department of Engineering.



VIII.        Evaluation process and hiring


An Evaluation Committee with 3 PUCP professors and 2 external professors or researchers will be appointed. A two-stage evaluation will be put in place. Firstly, applicants will be evaluated based on the documents submitted. Thereafter, those applicants with the highest evaluation scores will be called for a Zoom interview, in which they will be asked to prepare a short sample class or seminar.

PUCP requires psychological assessment, which will provide information about the applicant’s profile. This information will be reviewed by specialists and will not be considered a part of the evaluation score.

The Evaluation Committee will thereafter propose an eligible candidate (or list of candidates) to the Department of Engineering. A final result validated by the Department will be sent to the Department of Faculty Staff (DAP) and the University Council for final approval.


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  • Application deadline: Aug 15, 2022
  • Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
  • Department of Engineering
  • Lima, Perú
  • Academic Positions
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