One Planet NU Act Research Fellow

We are looking to grow our One Planet research in distinctive and innovative ways and welcome candidates from across (and between) all disciplines related to this area, opening in summer 2022. Our NUAcT fellowships will galvanise and build research momentum across the University around a number of different opportunity areas which may relate to technology; mapping; monitoring and simulation; policy; new business models; regulatory frameworks; social and environmental considerations; creative practice and communication; adoption of innovations; behaviour change and education; innovative interdisciplinary approaches to social justice in the Humanities and Social Sciences. these areas are Materials and Technologies for the Energy Transition,  Energy Systems of the Future, Responding to Climate Change,  Resilient Societies or Precarity, Sustainability and Climate.

If you join the scheme you will receive an outstanding package of support. We offer you 5 years’ salary, which is fully flexible (full time or part time), up to £50K research expenses and a PhD studentship. Subject to a successful review, you will move to an open-ended academic contract at the end of your 5 years, and we have a dedicated NUAcT Team who support you throughout your Fellowship.

If you are interested do apply and if you want some more insights how great Newcastle is do get in touch with me. 

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  • Application deadline: Aug 17, 2022
  • Newcastle University
  • School of Engineering
  • Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
  • Academic Positions
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