Postdoc in Circular Economy in the Built Environment

As a PostDoc researcher in Sustainable Building, you will be part of a team of IT-, architecture-, engineering- and innovation researchers with passion for co-creation processes and analytical methods towards a more sustainable and circular built environment. The position involves both theoretical and practical work. During the duration of the employment, a solution will be developed based on the identified opportunities and pilot-tested in the Gothenburg Living Lab to assess the solutions’ effectiveness and attractiveness to the stakeholder group. The results of the evaluation will provide recommendations on how to develop a process for an up-scale-implementation together with our project partners in other countries in Europe. The successful candidate will be part of the international JPI ERA-Net project team and is expected to be experienced with addressing the end-users as real demand owners and to research, develop and incorporate their needs into analytical methods.

Information about the the division
The Building Technology division at Chalmers has long experience in developing digital and quantification methods and tools for resource flows and stocks research and development in the built environment, in particular Material Flow Accounting, Advanced Building Stock Modelling, Sustainability Assessment and Ecological and Economic Life Cycle Assessment. Focus has been put in different aspects of the socio-technical systems, regions, cities, new and existing buildings and infrastructure which encompass supporting a broader relationship towards societal challenges, in particular addressing Sustainable Development Goals and Circular Economy.

Major responsibilities
The PostDoc researcher will support the Sustainable Building research group at the division. The tasks expected for the position include:
- Quantifying and visualizing flows and stocks of materials in urban built environments in city case studies, in particular, construction materials, elements and components.
- Adapting and developing existing tools that integrate state-of-the-art methods and tailoring them to the needs and requirements of different stakeholders in the built environment.
- Identify new data sources to be used and apply new IT methods to collect and analyse the information obtained.
- Develop a standardized workflow and process to stimulate the circular use of construction materials.

Other responsibilities include research on the topic of urban material stocks to enable circular economy, supervision of Master students, teaching in selected courses and writing of research applications. The position will be financed by the ongoing JPI ERA-Net project CREATE and the Digital Twin Cities Centre Milestone project CIRCULARITY.


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  • Application deadline: Mar 14, 2022
  • Chalmers University of Technology
  • Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • Gothenburg, Sweden
  • PhD and Postdoc Positions
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