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The Executive Director is part of the 5-person executive team in charge of running the International Society for Industrial Ecology (together with the society's President, Treasurer, Secretary and Administrative Assistant). The Executive Director serves an important role as liaison between the ISIE's governing bodies (the Board and executive team), and the ISIE membership, committees, section boards, and other stakeholders. There are many individuals and groups that keep the society running. It is the role of the Executive Director to ensure that there is someone who keeps an eye on the big picture, and who keeps general oversight of the society to ensure that all these different people and groups move ahead, and move in the same direction. 

Since 2018, the ISIE has been undergoing a significant structural and operational transformation, migrating away from operating as a project from within Yale University to becoming an independently run and member-managed organization. Most of the new structures and procedures are now firmly in place to ensure that this independent society can function smoothly. The new Executive Director can therefore focus most of her/his attention on the strategic goals that have been recently defined. A strong focus on gearing the society towards supporting activities around grand environmental challenges is expected. 

Principal tasks

  • Develop and implement medium- and long-term strategic goals, together with the other members of the executive team.
  • Monitor and proactively take steps to ensure a positive development in terms of membership growth, membership satisfaction, and membership involvement in the society.
  • Liaise with ISIE board members to ensure active participation and portfolio development. 
  • Support and engage with sections and their activities.
  • Supervise and support the ISIE secretariat.
  • Coordinate and oversee the development of the ISIE's annual report. 

Time commitment

This is a part-time assignment with a varying workload. On average, the workload is one workday per week, but this can increase to two workdays per week during busy periods. The Executive Director can set her/his own schedule, outside of group meetings, but attending to ISIE matters throughout the week (instead of dedicating a specific day to this job) is preferred. During academic holidays, the workload is generally reduced except when ISIE conferences take place. 

Contract and Salary

The duration of the contract would be 3 years to complement the concurrent working relationship with others in the Executive Team, and the budgeted salary is €12000 for 2022 with approximate future annual increases of about 3% per annum. We are looking for someone who can start early in 2022.


Please send a short CV and cover letter explaining:

  • why you are interested in the role
  • a summary of any previous relevant experience or applicable skills
  • the names of two personal referees


to the Secretary of the International Society of Industrial Ecology

Tim Baynes


  • Application deadline: Dec 21, 2021
  • The International Society of Industrial Ecology
  • Executive Team
  • Position is not location specific
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