Senior Scientist/Scientist

There is an open, permanent position as a senior scientist/scientist on ecological economics, environmental footprints, and sustainability at NILU, within the Department of Environmental Impacts and Sustainability (IMPACT).

The ideal candidate will be able to expand NILU’s activities on the development of sustainable solutions and to provide perspective and competence on (socio-)economic drivers of production and consumption and associated emissions and impacts. This includes contributing to the development and application of methods to determine the environmental footprint of products and industrial processes.  

As NILU is a non-governmental applied research foundation, the candidate needs to contribute in project acquisition and to support the needs for undertaking various externally funded projects.

You need to have excellent communication and collaboration skills, and have strong focus on teamwork and teambuilding to align with your colleagues at NILU and with external partners. We have extensive collaboration with the European Environment Agency, national and international research institutes and universities, through a variety of nationally and internationally funded projects. Travel activities are to be expected as part of the work.

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  • Norwegian Institute of Air Research (NILU)
  • Department of Environmental Impacts and Sustainability (IMPACT)
  • Kjeller, Norway
  • Academic Positions
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