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Several Postdoctoral Positions in Sustainability

27 Feb 2017 6:00 PM | Preeth Srinivasaraghavan (Administrator)

Title: Several Postdoctoral Positions

Institution: Universities of Leiden, Delft, and Rotterdam

The universities of Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam have won a major EU grant for a regional Marie Curie Fellowship scheme. In 3 rounds, a total of 90 two-year postdoc positions will be funded. The call is open for all subject matters but we expect a few postdocs can be hired on sustainability topics. This can be a nice opportunity for recently graduated PhDs, or PhDs close to graduation. 

Conditions and application process:

  • Applicants must graduate before the relevant recruitment date (1 October 2017, 1 July 2018, 1 April 2019). The PhD date can be a maximum of 60 months before the recruitment date.
  • Applicants must not have lived over 12 months in the Netherlands in the last 3 years (MC is a mobility program).
  • Proposals are possible on virtually all subjects covered by the three universities as long as a candidate is endorsed by an institute of one of the universities. A support/commitment letter of a hosting group within one of the universities is mandatory.
  • The proposal consists of a post-doc research plan (<3 pages),  training plan (<3 pages), summary (1 page), motivation letter (1 page) and a CV (<4 pages). Writing is usually supported by the hosting group.
  • Like regular applications for EU Marie Curie fellowships, proposals will be judged by independent external experts, not the hosting institute. Criteria are the quality of the proposal (35%), quality of the individual training plan (35%) and quality of the applicant’s track record (30%).
  • Application deadlines are 31 March 2017, 31 December 2017, 30 October 2018 with as related intended recruitment dates 1 October 2017, 1 July 2018, 1 April 2019. 

CML is happy to support good candidates in the field of Industrial Ecology and Biodiversity/ecology/toxicity research. CML is further leading the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Sustainability set up by these universities. With CfS focusing on the transition to a circular economy, candidates interested in subjects like sustainable business models, sustainable design, and governance and transition management for circularity can be supported by other CfS groups.

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